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Development prospect of relay industry

* : * : admin * : 2018-08-26 * : 0
No. 1 tangxia shangma qian industrial zone, ruian city, zhejiang province, China  In the past ten years, China's information industry has been developing at three times the speed of other industries. The communications and automobile industries are also developing at a tremendous speed. At the same time, household appliances have begun to emerge as an important driver of demand. As the overall quality life of products in mainland China improves, more and more consumers are interested in new or upgraded home inductors, which in turn stimulates demand for relays.

The prospective analysis report on market prospect and investment planning of China's current relay industry released by forward industry research institute shows that the amount of relays in the above industries is considerable, which will undoubtedly promote the further expansion of the relay market with the development of these industries. Although the number of relays exported decreased in 2010, the value of exports increased, indicating that the added value of exported relays increased. At present, the high value-added products of relay industry have been greatly improved, and the imported products have been gradually replaced in some fields.

With the gradual implementation and deepening of China's ten industrial revitalization policies, the demand and application of relays will continue to expand in consolidation. During the 12th five-year plan period, China's traditional electromechanical relays will maintain a growth rate of no less than 7% to 8%, the development speed of solid-state relays will be close to 15%, and the speed of special relays will be rapid development of over 20%.

Forward-looking industry institute team relay industry analysis, relay industry in China from a "manufacturing power" to "create great power" the pace of change would gradually accelerated, keep pace from exports to domestic demand, export situation will increasingly highlight, especially conquer promotion of high-end products, the trend of the domestic demand will be more clear.

It is worth noting that the "three-network integration", especially the development of "Internet of things" and 4G, will enable new types of relays, such as optical relay and high-frequency relay, to achieve greater and faster development and become a new highlight of growth in the relay industry during the 12th five-year plan period.
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